Refund Policy

Since Zea is offering to refund your money back to you in any case of technical or connection fault  about the program within 2 days after the first purchase.
refunding is restricted with only first purchase.

No refund for in-game problems  (restrictions, blocking and more)

As a customer you are responsible for understanding this prior to purchasing any item from our website.

We have the right not to refund if the money-back guarantee is abused within 2 days.

Purchasing A License

By purchasing a license from Zea, you are confirming:

1. You are satisfied with the software results.

2. You have read and understand our refund policy.

3. You are responsible for the security of your game account.

4. As long as you're able to access the Zea, you agree to using it.

5. Zea reserves the right refund or refuse the refund.

6.Please note that you are responsible to send a mail if you faced with any error or mistake about the program with in 2 days.